Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food for Thought (Vol. 1)

I. Make YOUR Money

A wise man once said 'there's no money in bodybuilding,' but actually, many wise men have said that over the years. Perhaps the first to stumble upon this novelty, were the original gym bums (men that floced to Venice Beach, CA and lived within a short distance of Gold's Gym). These men were highly inspired by the movie 'Pumping Iron,' and believed that if in the right place, at the right time, with large muscles and a great tan, they too could be the next Arnold S.. Sadly, many traded average lives for abject poverty - some remained, living out their lives in denial (see the movie Bigger, Stronger, Faster, for more).

But there is a way to make money in the fitness industry and there's a way people with the right mindset can cash in and do very well. For starters, forget about going pro and forget about winning shows, because unless you have the connections you're never going to make it. I know, I know... it's a physique world, it's subjective, it's the judges, the lighting, the color, the hair, it's the suits, it's this or it's that. Bottom line, I've seen enough shows where I'm left looking at the photos of the dead-last finisher and the oveall finisher, and it looks like they should be switched upside down.

Contests are good for one thing, whether you're doing bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure, or bikini -- photos! It's not even about videos, people want instant gratification; people wanting to lose weight and tone up want even faster instant gratification. They don't want to sit and watch you pose through a one minute routine, they want to see a photo of you at Week 1, compared to a photo of you at Week 16. They don't know that you had to carb deplete hard, or that you had to do cardio twice a day, or that you go to bed at night dying for a friggin fruit loop and all you can have is tuna and asparagus.

That's right sport fans, the big money in doing shows is photos. The big money for all competitors is personal training. Clients like photos more than videos, and clients don't care if you place 1st or 15th -- if you look good, hair and makeup are right, color is right, they're going to hire you. The two best tools in your arsenal -- a top knotch certification (ISSA, NASM) and a set of good contest photos, and all you need do is ONE SHOW; everything after that is just for fun.

A good personal trainer will make a 1st Place payday in Bikini in less than a week of personal training -- if you're really good -- in less than a day! Do one show, get photos, get certified, and go to work. CHA CHING!!!

You get to stay in the industry and do what you love, but nothing is better than doing what you love and being able to make a living at it. Paying all those contest fees and prep expenses, for a plastic trophy and no money is quite honorable, but landlords, VISA/Mastercard, and bartenders don't take honorable. en Castellano

Haga que su dinero!

Las mujeres de figura y bikini tienen un futuro brillante, si, ellas saben cómo sacar el mejor beneficio de sus recursos. Es muy importante que las mujeres interesadas en el modelado y la competición, sepan que el dinero real no está en ganar el concurso, pero en el desarrollo de una imagen comercial.! En otras palabras, las concursantes deben aprender a ganar dinero a través de sus fotografías del concurso y de sus conocimientos sobre el entrenamiento y la dieta. Entrenamiento personal es una de las profesiones más lucrativas del mundo. Todo el mundo quiere perder grasa, ganar músculo, comer más sano, y vivir una vida larga y feliz.

Muchas mujeres no se dan cuenta que el dinero real está en trabajar en el gimnasio, no en ganar concursos. En muchos casos, estos eventos son muy políticos, en donde quien usted conoce, puede ser más importante que el aspecto físico o estético.

Estoy totalmente a favor de recomendar que las mujeres por lo menos participen en un concurso, pero asegúrese de obtener buenas fotografías en su mejor condición. Estas fotos, junto con una certificación de entrenamiento personal, y usted puede hacer un salario muy agradable. Sin embargo, si desea seguir participando en concursos, a continuación, hacerlo sólo por diversión. El dinero real está en el entrenamiento. Suerte!

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