Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ashley Lemmons & Monica Eiler

Photo by Alex Morgan Imaging, http://www.alexmorganimaging.com/

I had planned on attending the NPC Junior Nationals this year, to cheer on my friend Elizabeth Crenshaw (look for more info on her soon), but with school and internship demands - I was again unable to leave Lansing. This past weekend, while checking my favorite site RxMuscle.com, I decided to have a look at the event's results and photo gallery. I won't sugarcoat the facts. I thought Candice Lewis (Class D, 1st & Overall Winner) looked very good, but none of the class winners really caught my eye. Next I looked at the competitors in each class, and again, I wasn't too impressed -- with one exception.

I found a competitor that I think should have placed a lot higher and could have taken the whole show. Ashley Lemmons (Class D, 3rd Place) looked like the clear cut winner to me. She had the appropriate level of muscularity, symmetry, and separation for figure, her hair and makeup looked spot on, her color was great, her suit seemed perfect for her build. I just wish I had been at the show, and I'll definitely be asking her what advice the judges had for her. Was her posing an issue? Why did this A+ competitor take third in the same class that produced the overall winner? Also... many of the readers will be floored by how seasoned of a competitor Ashley is. In another year or two, I totally see her getting her card and making quite an impact on the Pro Ranks.

Team Universe - Bikini

Our good friend Monica Eiler(Overall Winner, Bikini - 2009 NPC Eastern USA's), is preparing to take the stage at 2011 NPC Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ. She's also placed 7th at the 2010 NPC Team Universe and 10th at the 2010 NPC USA's!

A big part of being a champion, is how the athlete acts in the industry, as well as with the fans. Monica, has contributed a great short article (in both Enlighs & German) to StrengthAddicts and is always ready to help us when needed. Sadly, the aforementioned qualities aren't listed on the judges' scoring sheets. And Bikini (like figure), are wildly popular sports that have sparked a great deal of interest by countless women that want to get into the gym and live better lives.

I hope time will allow for Monica to do an interview with the site. I'm planning on hyping her as much as possible. Monica Eiler is a beautiful, hard working, young woman that can take the national bikini world by storm -- can and will.

For more info go to:
"Muscular Expression" MonicaEiler.com

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