Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome! and this blog are being set up to further document the growing world of these two great competitive sports. In the years following the demise of Women's Bodybuilding, several new divisions have been created to bring more women to the forefront. But who could have expected the huge turnout? Most shows today, in whatever federation (IFBB/NPC, WNBF/INBA, NGA, etc), are largely carried on by the women competing in the two divisions this blog is all about.

Interestingly, many of the women that you see on stage are not sponsored. With women's bodybuilding the excuse was that it wasn't marketable (which I'd argue), but with Figure & Bikini (these women are highly marketable to the general public) there's just too much talent and too little desire from the supplement companies to start getting bogged down signing women left, right, and center.

Our page & blog will hopefully help the supplement companies, photographers, and the average fans, in learning about some of these great ladies. We'll talk about their diet and training, but we'll also talk about their lives, their goals, and their concerns.

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