Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Narmin Assria - A Name...; Bikini Vlogging

Bikini is still an interesting sport to watch - largely because the judging criteria seems to be far more subjective than in any other physique sport. For the women, the muscularity seems to become less and less of an issue as you go from female bodybuilding to women's physique to fitness to figure, and then finally to the division in question. For bikini, there seems to be a very strong emphasis on femininity, shape, color, hair & makeup, and overall presentation.

Narmin Assria, who recently took first place in her class at the 2011 NPC West Coast Classic, seems to have all the tools needed to start winning overall titles at the national level. In an usual twist (for the physique world), it seems that taller is better in Bikini. In bodybuilding, the more compact shapes of the 5'7-5'10 athletes seem to fair better against the taller, less-full bodies on stage. In this particular contest (and not much different than others I've studied), Narmin was defeated by the Class F, Overall winner (as in separated by Classes B, C, D, and E!).

So we continue learning about this relatively new division, but one thing's for sure --- Narmin Assria is a name to watch!

Stephanie Ann is doing great work! She's an ambitioius college student, competing in Bikini and serving as a wonderful role model by making great videos that cover a variety of topics. This video is one of her shorter ones, at just under one minute, but she also have videos (like her contest day one) that are nearly half an hour in duration. We've discussed doing an interview in the future, but I wanted to share her wonderful channel with you today.
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Keep up the great work Steph!

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