Friday, July 8, 2011

Bikini Superstars

"My win at the West Coast Classics, wow how to describe it, amazing, incredible, all my hard work paid off!! It was wonderful to step back on stage this year & win my class. It’s the beginning of my new journey, nothing can stop me now.

I prepared for the show for about 3 months with my amazing coach Kim Oddo. I don’t know what I would have done with out him by my side. My next goal is to win my Pro Card, and honestly it’s right around the corner, I am in prep for the USA's which is in less then 4 weeks away, held in Las Vegas. I am eager to see all my beautiful competition this year, we all deserve to be on that stage! I can’t wait to rock that stage in a couple of weeks. All this is a blessing to me, and a dream come true!!"

Narmin Assria
NPC Bikini Champion

A Placing is just that
This blog celebrates Figure & Bikini athletes that display impressive physiques, achieved through serious training, sensible eating, and logical supplementation. The women portrayed on this site, are deemed by its webmaster, to be at such an advanced physique-level, that they are above reproach for something as trivial as less than stellar placing - or even a bad year. Judges' scorecards are often influenced by factors outside the ladies' control, and whether or not you want to admit that physique competitions are political or not -- is entirely up to you.

Sometimes, with visting the sites and looking over hundreds of photos (taken by several different photographers, manipulating different effects from lighting to resolution), I'll see a competitor that probably got a bum deal from the judges, who I think could have potentially won her class -- or at least taken runner-up. Physique sports are subjectively based. And whereas the judges' will is evniced by who wins the shows, bloggers and sitemasters' will is carried out by whom they choose to feature. Just because you "won" a show on the scorecards, does not necessarily mean you'll be covered and promoted to that extent on the sites and magazines.

Amber Shepard Hayes has everything in her arsenal to be a great Bikini champion at the NPC level. And let me qualify that last statement with a strong admonition -- "FOR NOW."

Here is an athlete that defies many of stereotypes floating around about bikini. She does train - and she trains hard. She's done strength competitions, yet has a body as soft and toned as the runway models you see on drink ads (which never drink!). Amber competed in the 2011 NPC Charlotte Cup - she didn't the win the show, nor did she win her class.

What irks me the most about Bikini & Figure, albeit to a lesser extent, is that the Women at local shows are usually competing at the behest of close friends and sometimes even family. A poor placing to a new contestant could mean anything from passion to defeat. Some people just don't want to undergo the eight to twelve weeks of prep, the tanning, the traveling, time off from, etc, just to show up take a bad placing.

I look forward to promoting this wonderful athlete and I hope we continue to see her on the Bikini stage. She has a bright future -- but she needs to keep knocking on the door. She has good muscle, nice legs legs, excellent presentation, and if the photos speak true -- she stands confidently and happily under the stage lights. is proud to present this wonderful rising star to our always-growing audience!


This is a brand new channel, so get over to it and Subscribe + Add "TheFitSolution" as a friend on Youtube. I can't stress how important this type of medium is. Sure, this is a great way to get publicity for your business, personal training endeavors, and/or just to network with other athletes and potential sponsors. All of the benefits listed are big reasons why you, as a Figure or Bikini competitor, should be on youtube (at least on some level); however, there's an even bigger reason.

After all the training, all the boring meals, all the tanning, all the travel, all the stress on romantic, family, and social relationships that comes from this lifetsyle you've chosen, THERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. You are a role model -- and if you choose to be a good role model, one of the greatest contributions you can make, is to offer a hand to all the women coming up after you.

Talk to you friends, significant other, coach, and/or anyone you trust in your camp, about setting up a channel and making vlogs. Don't just make videos doing bicep curls or the sexy type video showing off your nice legs or your pretty face. You are more than a nice body and a pretty face. You are more than a nice body and a pretty face. That wasn't a type-o. If some men think of you as nothing but a sex object, don't let whatever the fuck is wrong with them, keep you from becoming a superstar. It's ok to look like a woman, just because you don't have 19" arms doesn't mean you to don't bust your ass training hard in the gym and eating the same boring food bodybuilders have to east six times a day. You are a legitimate athlete in a legitimate sport - SO SPEAK UP, BE HEARD!

Get a $15 webcam at Walmart, think about a topic, write down some notes, and get started. Your channel, like your website, facebook, and twitter, will further market you, but it will also help many women looking to follow in your footsteps -- AND it will increase your fanbase!

Young girls, teenage girls, young adult females -- they need strong, healthy women to look up to. Women need to know that building muscle and eating clean, isn't reserved for meathead guys. They need to know they can take care of their bodies and live better, happier lives, with TONS of ambition and self-confidence in all things that they do.
Webcam, notes, Record. :)

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