Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heather Mae French - Figure Goddess!

In the 2000's, bodybuilding sites exploded all over the net, and no one could deny that perhaps one of the most recognizable stars was Bodybuilding.com's Jamie Eason. In more recent years, Gaspari Nutrition's Marzia Prince has become a well known celebrity in the industry.
Today, it seems another Gaspari Nutrition sponsored athlete, Ava Cowan, is taking over the online and print medias by storm.

But once again .. the mainstream misses the mark. Sure, Jamie, Marzia, & Ava, are incredibly beautiful, hard working women, but in my opinion, they fall short of comparing to IFBB Figure Pro, Heather Mae French. Here you have one of the most beautiful women on the planet, with a truly aesthetic physique, a full-time job, a mother, and a role model for countless people all over the world!

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