Monday, July 11, 2011

Building a Great Butt!

Amber Shepard Hayes

Ok... whether you want to call it your ham/glute tie-in, your glutes, or simply your butt, you had better have this asset in picture-perfect form if you plan on being successful in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, or bikni. The writing is on the wall! The mainstream public looks for arms and chest in with The Men, it looks for a nice little waist, nice lines, and a great butt with The Women. If you choose to have implants and/or walk around with breasts bigger than Goodyear blimps -- that's fine. I'm sure you'll get leniency from a few judges, but these appendages have little to nothing to do with training and/or creating an aesthetic, championship physique.

Women can totally build a great butt from scratch. The key is proper diet and cardio for abs and legs. Cardio must be done everyday. Try doing Hill runs, pile squats, using the thigh abductor machines at your gym.

Also, most girls think that squats are not for them; I do them twice a week because they work!! Dead lifts are also essential for building a nice tight backside. Stairmill IS the key for glute ham tie in. And finally, walking briskly on a high incline treadmill is great too, but not more than twice a week.

Danae Zaitz
NPC Figure Competitor

2011 NPC Team Universe, Class C (Bikini)
Sundae Marshall (13th)

Ok, this is a joke right? I don't know who Sundae Marshall is (yet), but I'd like to send her a shoutout from my little blog here in Lansing, MI. The last job I'd ever want is to be a Bikini judge because I'm seeing more and more women take less than stellar placings while their physiques are A+, their hair and makeup is A+, their tan is A+. Maybe there's a huge factor at play for not being at the shows in real-time, maybe the photos aren't enough of a litmus test?

I don't want to say Sundae could have won her class, but she certainly should have been in the Top 3, the fact she was placed outside the Top 10 is borderline ridiculous -- RIDICULOUS.

Great look Sundae -- great name too! Keep competing... at some point the judges will appreciate your excellent figure and your seemingly excellent presenation. If this is something you enjoy doing (as opposed to having to do it - like work), by all means keep competing. Don't change a thing about your body. You have excellent muscle developement, tight midsection, a BEAUTIFUL smile, and a confidence that's almost undeniable (even from just looking at you in a photograph). Awesome work by (as always -- the #1 Source ANYWHERE for contest coverage!

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