Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bikini on Video, & More!

On Team Universe:

"It was quite a large class I competed in; my body has changed tremendously, but I definitely needed more tightening all over to get that ripped lean look. I wasn't quite ready for this show and a lot of other things have been going on in addition to my contest prep. I plan to be more than ready for NPC Nationals. In fact, I just started training and doing my cardio today.

I train like a pro, watch my diet like a pro, and I don't live a normal life like others. I pass up after-work dinner and drinks all the time, and miss out on bbq/beach weekends, like Memorial and 4th of July weekends to give each competition my all. I may not quite have the IFBB Pro look yet, but I know I am close especially with this ever-so disciplined lifestyle. I will be at my very best for the NPC nationals and along with the help of my trainer, Victor Munoz, I will do all that I can to finally look like an IFBB Bikini Pro at first glance."

Monica Eiler
NPC, Bikini Star

Make sure to check out the latest Bikini-Vlog from TheFitSolution on YouTube. Alex also runs a personal page that you can check out at: . Do show this great athlete some support!

Ashley Lemmons
Big Interview
Almost Here!
I'm super excited to announce that my Q&A with NPC Figure star, Ashley Lemmons, is nearly complete! I made sure to ask questions that an athlete of her caliber would normally not be asked, but which would be of great benefit to our readers!

Like most of the great competitors you'll find on this blog, I feel Ashley should have placed much higher. Because figure and bikini are extremely subjective sports, I will rarely agree with the judging panels - regardless of the show.

Sometimes, I can see the legitimacy in a collective placing, and in those instances I will not take away from the class (or overall) champion. However, in Ashley's last show, I believe she could have defeated the overall champion in her class, which would go on to win the whole division.

Please be sure to check back, for this amazing read.

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