Friday, July 15, 2011

IFBB Figure Pro, Karly Woodle

"I'm originally from North Carolina, a former flight attendant who was transferred to Arizona. After kind of losing myself after I was moved away from all of my familiar surroundings, I was lucky enough to meet my trainer Patty Farrow through a friend from work. She introduced me to this sport, but more importantly transformed me from someone who was eventually going to be headed down the wrong road, health-wise.

Once I finally got a dose of competing after going to a local show, I did my first show in 2008 at the Tournament of Champions where I placed 3rd in my class. My next show was Excaliber in 2008 where I won my class, then Jr Nationals in 2009 where I earned my pro card. Competing has given me something to direct my natural drive towards, and has given me a way to constantly keep bettering myself.

I'm currently competing as an IFBB Figure Pro and prepping for the Phoenix Pro. The current look of figure is coming down, sizewise, so I'm training in more of a circuit style with a lot of plyometrics and intervals to really tighten up and bring in a different style of conditioning. My diet stays pretty consistent throughout the year, but due to dieting, my carbs have come down. I usually diet with a combination of carb cycling and lowering my fats a bit."

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