Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Margarita Beales - Figure Star, Artist, Parent, More!

When you look up the words "Role Model," a picture of NPC Figure Star Margarita Beale should be right there! This multi-talented Figure Star is making a huge name for herself in the Michigan circuit. She's not with a Team, she doesn't have a trainer or someone that does her contest prep - she's done it all on her own.

It's an absolute privilege to work with her and have her friendship. We were all very grateful she participated in last month's Seminar at Mitch Gast's Infinity Fitness in Lansing, MI.

Infinity Fitness will be sponsoring both upcoming Bodybuilding contests here in Lansing. It's door are always open for those competing in Physique sports and looking to improve their health & well-being. For more info on our great gym, check the Website. For more information on Margarita Beale and her works, visit Laughing Canvas

And last but not least, watch the video included in this write-up. Thanks to all for your loyalty to!!

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