Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lexie Rydleski - A Shooting Star!

It's been a while since I've been trying to get an interview with NPC Bikini Star Lexie Rydleski, but today was the day! We were able to get a ton of great photos & videos, and we're also expecting her at our upcoming Figure & Bikini Seminar to be held at Infinity Fitness in Lansing, MI.

Lexie is a beautiful woman, with great genetics and wonderful self-confidence. But she's also worked very hard in the gym to develop a symmetrical physique that will take her far in Bikini. Although, the Division still remains relatively new, it's always been apparent that between it & Figure - these women will represent the future of competitive physique sports. They have the looks that women aspire to achieve.

Watch Lexie's Bicep Video for some insights that will stop many sexist men DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS! Watch her take on Cardio for a candid approach on what many (men & women) consider the dreaded part of the workout. Also, make sure to stay tuned, as she's launching her own Athlete Page today on facebook. In the coming days, Lexie will also be prominently displayed on the cover of this blog for the month of January. I hope this exposure will enhance an already bright future ahead of her.

I have included a sampling of videos from today's shoot. Please be sure to leave comments and subscribe if you haven't already done so! Oh, did I mention, Lexie has only done one show and she snagged a Top 4 placing for herself. There's no doubt she's a shooting star!

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