Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Figure Champ DANAE ZAITZ Checks In!

Hi Christian!

What's up? So much to catch you up on with me. I did Masters Nationals in July in Pittsburgh. I had trained long and hard for it and thought I brought my best package yet, unfortunately the judges didn't agree, but hey, goes with the territory. I was happy with myself so that's really all that matters. One great thing that came out of that show is that I came off stage knowing what I have to do for next year and have been working HARD every since.

I have gained some much needed size (and some off season fluff that accompanies it) but in the end next year when I step on stage the pain and suffering and extra weight will ALL be worth it. As I sit right now, I'm holding steady at about 170.

I'm 5'5 1/2. I really want to cross over next season to WPD, it's more my style of training and posing, so that's what I'm shooting for. I have had my ups and downs with this off season. Not liking the extra weight to being ok with it to not liking it. It's been a mental battle but I REFUSE to give up on myself no matter what up's and down's I go through, plus I have a great support system and they help keep me in check. They let me vent or cry or be po'd and I couldn't do this without them. Thanks to my husband and training partner Mike, my best girlfriends, Jillian, Keri, Amy, Britt, Dawn. They all keep me going in their own way. I also have had the great honor of being sponsored by Xcel Sports Nutrition www.xcelsportsnutrition.com as well as Krusht Gear Clothing www.krushtgear.com. I'm so super excited to have them in my corner for my supplement and clothing needs for this upcoming season.

So for now I'm training hard and heavy and prep will start Jan 2nd for my warm up show on March 31st. Keep an eye on this girl ;) She might just go PRO in 2013 ;)

"Fat Droppin and Muscles Poppin!"

Earlier, I had annoucned we'd be doing a feature with Anya Spector, who won her class at the 2012 NPC Eastern USA. In a press release for Danae Zaitz I included this news (with Anya's permission); however, I erred in stating she was a Bikini Star, as opposed to Figure. She asked that I delete the post (kind of ridiculous, but I did) and she then said she didn't want to do the feature and un-friended me. No problem! If you're thinking about working with this 'star' I wish you the best. What an interesting champion. Best of luck to her!


  1. Oh, so that's where it went.. I was wondering where the first one went. :) I appreciate the continued support Christian, and love checking in with you! Always!! You're the best ;) Danae

  2. Also, I did NOT forget about my sounding board, my sista from anotha mutha, NICOLE GRAY!! She is the most down to earth completely awesome friend a girl could have. We have been friends for years and have seen the highs and the lows of this sport and are still friends! Thanks for the YEARS of support Nicole!! You know I love ya!!!