Friday, May 25, 2012

Watson, Crenshaw Place

Amy Watson, who recently won the NPC Lansing Grand Prix for Figure, took 12th in Class E at the 2012 NPC Junior USA's. Watson, who edged out Figure legend, Michelle Mosher to win the coveted Ms. Lansing title, brought a ripped, balanced physique that made it possible for her to place - something which fifteen other women were seemingly unable to do. Although Watson was unable to crack the Top 10, this performance is undeniably an improvement from last year at the Junior Nationals where she tied for 16th in her class with several other women.

Watson is a member of Jermichael "Jay" Pratt's Team Infinity, which title sponsored the NPC Lansing Grand Prix and will also be title-sponsoring the upcoming NPC Captial City. Both Watson and Mosher are members of the organization.

Another Team Infinity member and also a division winner at the wildly successful and stacked NPC Lansing Grand Prix, was Physique Star Elizabeth "Liz" Crenshaw. But in an interesting twist of events, Crenshaw appeared at the Junior USA's in the bodybuilding class. Her arms and upper body (I think) are what allowed her to place 3rd in her class. Her legs looked smooth for bodybuilding, but would have been ideal of physique.

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