Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nuts 'N More Contest! is proud to announce that we'll be having a special contest for one calendar month where 1-2 ladies will be selected each week to receive sample products courtesy of Nuts n More. If you're selected, all you have to do is submit a review of this product BUT as I always say, why half-ass anything that's related to your career. Yes, you could just submit a rinky dink typed paragraph review. But you could also include some shots. You could write a really articulate piece. Or, you could also submit a short video. I think once you check out the company's page and you see how many top level fitness industry competitors have lent their name and likeness, you'll start to understand just how revolutionary this protein-packed food supplement is!

Nuts 'N More butters aren't just revolutionary in their marketing approach, but take a moment - or take several minutes - to read up on how much nutrition each serving provides. Most mainstream nut butters have about 6-8 grams of protein, they're loaded with sugar, and they have a combination of both good and bad fats - only most people are oblivious. And even mainstream "natural" butters are hadly that. Nuts 'N More butters have 14g of protein and they're fortified with whey isolate and flaxseed. That's right, these butters are not only packed with protein, but you're also getting your essential fats.

Evertyhing sounds awesome! But what do these butters taste like? I haven't tried them yet, but when I do, you can rest assured I'll be giving you a text and video review. There will also be 1-2 ladies selected each week for the upcoming month. I will be picking winners along side Becca's Corner editor Becca Johnson. If you really want to try this product, drop me a line. If you're REALLY want to get sample this product and you REALLY want to be proactive about getting your name out there by networking yourself and giving an honest take on a seemingly awesome product, how could I turn you down?

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