Monday, April 16, 2012

Catching Up W/ Jeanie Lyons

Ready for the stage!

So after the Jay Culter Competition in Las Vegas, I went straight to the Grand Prix in Culver City the following weekend . During that week in between, I just went straight back to my meal plan and workouts. It;s hard sometimes to do back-to-backs shows, but you always get that rush & you just want more -thats how i feel! I just want to do more and more shows!


So friday afternoon I and the rest of Dee’s Divas (the group I’m in) drove to Culver City and planned to rock the stage! My prep for this show was pretty close to the others, just maybe ate a little more to stay fuller in my muscles. The show had over 330 competitors.

In [my] Class C [figure] , there were about 7 girls. I was very pleased with how I looked and I knew that I  had given it my all. This was the first show my fiance couldn't attend, and it was his birthday that day . All I wanted to do was bring home a win for him, and i did. I love him and I know he was cheering me on from home.


I got my first 2nd place trophy; I was so excited for that. I want to say thanks to all the Dee’s Divas for all the support and love they give . All you girls are beautiful and I love you all. A big thanks to Denise and Craig Dinger for all that you do in supporting me and making my dreams a reality. Love you both ..Thanks to AI Sports Nutrition for all my wonderful supplements in my prep for my competition and supporting me. I hope I am doing you proud.  A huge thanks to my mom for letting me use her van to help the Divas travel in and supporting me the whole weekend. Thanks mom, you made the drive a little more comfortable Now all that is next is finding the next I am a little crazy like that, I just love doing them!

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