Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trainer Appreciation

A Trainer is so many things to an athlete; it's a person that's an adviser, a spotter, a coach, a friend, a confidant, it could be someone that acts like a publicist, a consultant, a judge. Trainers can be gurus in the vast fields of nutrition and supplementation, but they can also be 100% focused on the training (per the title). Some trainers have a long list of certifications, meanwhile others don't have a single certificate (they're "expertise" was earned over decades transforming everyday men and women into champions - top ranked amateurs, professionals, even Arnold & Olympia level warriors!). And while many champions will eventually get around to giving credit to these unsung heroes, others simply don't. That's just ****** wrong!

A real champion doesn't forget where there from. KISS didn't wake up and become the greatest band that ever lived - they needed a manager that practically went destitute believing in them (We love you Bill Aucoin!!!), and so to... many of the champions we see here today - they owe a great deal to the men and women that make up their team. I don't want to take anything away from the champions (and you can bank their trainers don't either), but when you look at a physique that just marvels you, realize there's usually a lot that went into that - and part of "a lot" is all the hard work of trainers! This is our time to recognize a few truly gifted and committed people: Joe Franco, Allen Watkins, Denise Dinger, and Patty Farrow!

"My trainer is Patty Farrow, I've worked with her since about 2007 and she's the one who convinced me to get into competing."

Karly Woodle
IFBB Figure Pro

"My trainer/ coach is Allen Watkins! I've been training with Allen for three years! He's the best out there! We are prepping me for the new york pro in may!"

Marilena EchoHawk
IFBB Physique Pro

"My trainer is Denise Dinger, she is the best! I've been training with her since 2010, and she has taught me so much about competing. I meet with her weekly and she goes over everything with me from diet, cardio, posing, etc..

I have done every competition with Denise and will continue to work with her for my future shows. Denise is currently helping me prep for my first figure competition coming up in a few weeks, the Governors Cup in Sacramento!"

Carolina Granados
NPC Bikini Star

"I have been working with Joe Franco since 2008. He has prepped me for all of my competitions as well as guided me through the off season. He doesn't have a cookie cutter approach and is really in tune with my physique and how I respond to macros as well as my training and cardio program.

We are currently working together towards my IFPA Pro debut, May 5th!"

Nicole Gray
IFPA Figure Pro

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