Friday, March 23, 2012

Muscle Fetish: Just Work, or Just Trouble?

Middle School Teacher Is Placed On Leave After Students Discover Her Porn Past
Date: 3/7/2012

Stacie Halas, Porn Star Turned Teacher, Gets Reprieve as SoCal District Puts Off Decision on Her Fate.
Date: 3/22/2012

Some Basics to Ponder

First and foremost, I need you to separate yourself from the industry and all the lingo that comes with it. Forget all about the maturity many of us have, to be able to look at a physique and appreciate all the lines, the symmetry, the color, forget all that. When you see a guy in what looks like a thong, don't admire his pecs, think like a reasonable prudent person. What would the average man or woman on the street look at? What would they think? Would they marvel in awe or would they giggle or snicker? Forget all about the history to our sport, the protein shakes, the agonizing cardio and the gut-wrenching training sessions.

To a fan of the sport, even to a schmoe, there's nothing out of the ordinary for a woman to pose half naked and flex her arms to flashing cameras and rolling tape. What we (the fans and yes, even the schmoes) see on sites like - that's art. And maybe to the mainstream public, that notion could be a plausbile one. But now let's take it a step further.

Let's say we were talking about a less respect site that HerBiceps, let's go even further, let's say we were talking about the athlete's own page, and let's say that athlete was posing naked - or they were wrestling naked, doing lift & carry sessions, scissor sessions, or even more sexually-charged activities. What then? At what point does the mainstream public start to consider this pornography?

For all the giggles and inneundos, for all the punch lines on late night tv, and for all the money porn is purpotedly said earn per year - it's still SMUT in the eyes of the public.

Porn is like soot - in the eyes of the mainstream public. This is America, not Italy [where porn actresses get elected to Congress]). We are a Western nation, accused by our enemies of being hedonistic -- but I assure you, this is America - not France. If you think porn will ever be socially acceptable in America, take a look at how socially acceptable prostitution has become. It hasnt, and porn will never be either.

So what's my advice to you? Be very careful what you do online. A quick, easy payday today, may cause you grief for a lifetime. You can't walk away from Porn, not if you want to ever work with children, work for the government, work for a prestigious Fortune 500 company, you may not even be able to work in fast food. And what's the most depressing of all, is that there are number of sites that feature competitive women athletes were NO SEX and NO SEXUAL ACTIVITIES are included in the medias offered, but in the opinion/perception of the general public - it's PORN.

It doesn't matter if you're juggling pears, if the mainstream public's perception is that you're working in pornography, this conduct may (and often will) cast a shadow of doubt (or worse) on your character - FOR LIFE!

Be careful. If you need money so bad that you're considering doing something sketch... take the year off and compete down the road. Your name and likeness are your pot of gold. Don't ever take your good name for granted.

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