Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get Real

I recently released an article that discussed the potential politics associated with an athlete - any athlete - whose been on magazine covers and won local shows. My argument didn't rely on any specific situations or examples of politics, it merely noted that there was at least the likelihood of their being political factors when such a competitor competed against unknowns.

Jamey Peters
In a separate instance, I did discuss the local favorite to win, and I did cite the fact she was on the cover of the local exercise magazine and I did cite that she won a show in 2011. I praised her hard work in the gym, I recognized her good genetics, but I also made the point that I didn't think she was on the level of an Ashley Lemmons or Jamey Peters - two women that are nationally-ranked amateur stars in Figure, almost certain to earn IFBB Pro Cards.

More - Jamey Peters

The fact of the matter is I didn't comment on the subject's personality or any interactions we may or may not have had - I simply assessed her physique like I would any other man or woman on my sites; however, since she got word, two women on her Team have all but cut ties with me and one has said she does not want to appear on anymore videos. Why? Because I made a simple observation that one of their colleagues was dangerous at local shows, worked hard in the gym, had great genetics but as of now was stil not at the level of an Ashley Lemmons or Jamey Peters -- for that simple comparison I get al this fallout? Are you friggin serious right now?

Top Ranked NPC Figure Star, Ashley Lemmons
Fahrenheit Nutrition Athlete

Being compared to someone of the level of Ashley Lemmons is a big deal! You're talkin about a woman that's virtually guaranteed to go pro, and once at that level - she's likely to be a top contender at the Olympia (she's that friggin talented). I was totally stoked when Ashley landed her sponsorship with Fahrenheit Nutrition - a company I am also working with. This ad was run in the national press, primarily in Oxygen Magazine. It's great to win local shows and land covers on free, local-circulation magazines dropped off at the grocery store, but what's the big deal in conceding you're not YET in the big time but one day your time will come to? Why is a little humility so much to ask for? Ashley didn't wake up on day and expect all this - she paid her dues and she continues to do so.

This is why I shouldn't have even bothered covering Figure at the local level. I'll be rooting for a couple friends in the bodybuilding division, as well as a friend in Men's Physique, but I don't think I'll have much more to say on anything else at the 2012 NPC Lansing Grand Prix (March 31, 2012). I am used to working with girls from Team Bombshell, Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness, Ingrid Romero's Team Edge, I'm not used to having to walk on egg shells when it comes to analyzing physiques.

What kind of website would this be, would of any my pages be, if I couldn't critique physiques and accurately assess them? Why was I reported to Facebook? Why are people leaving my Site/Channel? If they want to leave - they can leave. Am I losing my champions? The women actually pushing the sport to the limit? NO. I'm losing my foothold in the Competiive World of LANSING, MI -- THE MECCA OF... UM...OF...LANSING! is a site that's growing with connections throughout the industry, loyal friends that have gone out of their way to help make this humble little page into something really cool. Just who do you think you're going to silence? You think you're going silence or You better think again. This isn't even free speech, this is just engaging in the sport! There was NOTHING malicious published, all that was stated was an honest, educated opinion between a good physique and a great one - not everyone is the best, and those of you that compete and those of us that celebrate your sacrifices - we all know that these divisions crown a select few AS THE BEST. But I digress; I've been so utterly redunant already, but I'm just PERPLEXED BY THE RIDICULOUSNESS OF THIS WHOLE ORDEAL.

If this isn't politics then I don't know what the heck is. Needless to say, I wish everyone luck and I think everyone that works hard is deserving for credit and coverage - but when you dominate a local show and rank over a dozen spots below the person you're compared to in a national class - yes you're not going to said to be as good. Ashley Lemmons nearly won the division, it's NOT an insult to say you're not yet at her level. I'm not saying you can never be there, I'm just saying you're no there yet. The fact someone would have such thin skin is utterly ridiculous. But what would be even more ridiculous would be for me to bow down to bullshit facebook complaints and lose all sense of objectivity. I owe my readers - HONESTY - and so long as I'm in the driver seat, I'm drivin with my eyes wide open.

So in recap, Get Real. Back to normally scheduled happiness and figure/bikini blogging tomorrow. In about ten hours we'll have an amazing feature with Kerri Baker!!!

In closing.... scroll down right below our good friend Tracey's photo on the right panel to a feature called "Webstat Motigo" on that little box. What you'll see is a map of the world,and then you'll see that map LIGHT UP. When I speak - I reach people. If I wasn't ALLOWED or if I wasn't ABLE to be HONEST... all the little heat impressions on that map would cease to light up as they so beautifully do every single day - from Lansing to Beijing to Cape Town to Syndey to Federal Way, WA.

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