Monday, January 30, 2012

Zoya Ghamari - Texas Muscle Goddess

Name: Zoya Ghamari
Age: 30
Ht: 5.8"
Contest Weight: 128
Regular Weight: 135
Hometown: Tehran/Iran, live in Dallas, TX

"I never thought I'll be able to get on stage and compete in something like that. I always thought getting that dream body is out of reach. I have worked out the past 12 years but never show level. I am a workaholic and the first time I decided to compete I was drowned in work and my mother just got diagnosed with colon cancer. I needed something to focus on beside my wok and my issues so I knew at that time It's time to do something for me and I challenged myself 5 weeks out from Europa Dallas super show to do my first show and I placed 3rd in my class! It was an amazing experience and I got the best butt I ever dreamed to have in 5 weeks.

I am thankful for my great friend and IFBB pro Judge Debi Stern for starting and guiding me through and standing by my side everyday through each show! She couched me how to walk, what to wear and what not to do since this has been a major money making business for a lot of people and we all want to come first. So she helped me to stick with the basics and not fall for the gimmicks.

I picked out my first suite at Sex Shop and tailored it to fit my body myself and after that I have used Beach Bunny Brand suits since its very unique and great quality.

My regular diet is not as clean as it should be since again I work a lot and I go too many hours without eating but I try to do shakes and yogurts and nuts to substitute missing meals but when I plan ahead I do plenty of grilled chicken and steamed vegetables from already prepackaged section of grocery stores.

I am training right now slowly to get ready for Europa super show Dallas again since that was my first great experience."

Editor's Note

The physique world never ceases to surprise me. There's such a great diversity - both in terms of cultures, as well as physiques. And I can never seem to speak enough on my admiration of driven, self-made people. Zoya Ghamari, is without a doubt going to be a threat in 2012. Her goals are realistic, but her approach is calm, measured, and strategic. There's no rush to peaking, but this Dallas-based, self-diagnosed workaholic isn't going to be sitting on her laurels either. She's been training over a decade (though she humbly points out -- not for the stage). Nonetheless, when you train for 10yrs+, you KNOW YOUR BODY, and these key insights are invaluable in physique competition.

I also want to put something out there to many of you chasing those class wins and overall titles because not getting them -- isn't the end of the world (especially in Bikini & Women's Physique). Keep in mind that if you can break the Top 5 in a lineup 15 deep -- or the Top 10 in any lineup over 25 deep -- then you've made a huge IMPACT on that stage!

As Zoya said -- she challenged herself -- 5wks out, and she took a 3rd place. To be battling it out amongst the Top 3 (or Top 5), believe you me, the "winner" and "runner-up" are VERY AWARE of who you are and how dangerous you can be to them. I know Zoya will succeed, but I really wanted to commend her for finishing third on her debut -- that's wonderful!

Best of luck to you in 2012, and thank you for taking the time to speak to us, here, at!!!

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