Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Never Too Late!

Name: Camille Wierzbicky
Age: 45 years old
Height: 4ft. 10 in.
Contest Weight: 90lbs.
Regular Weight: 103 lbs.
Hometown: Queens, New York

"I was not very athletic when I was growing up. I started cardio when I was about 23 years old and the first gym that I joined was considered a hardcore gym with the lifting and banging of weights. At first it was quite intimidating but after working out for a few weeks then I grew to love it. Seeing these big muscular guys working out and seeing all those pictures of bodybuilders that were hanging on the walls that really inspired me to exercise regularly. One photo in particular inspired me the most which was a photo of Racheal McLish, she made muscles on a women look beautiful and at that point I knew that this was something that I wanted to achieve. I watched and learned how to exercise properly from the guys at the gym because most of the time I was the only girl in the gym. They took the time to show me the proper way to lift and how to maintain the proper form. From this point on I really loved weight lifting.

I always wanted to enter a figure contest. My first contest was at the age of 44, I entered the Brooklyn Contest NPC/PRIX and I placed second in my class. This was a great accomplishment for me to achieve. My second contest was in June of 2011 and at time I was also picked to be in Oxygen Magazine, Future of Fitness.

I am pretty clean with my eating habits and I do eat six small meals a day. I may go treat myself once in a while; I like chocolate and ice cream. I ‘am a personal trainer because I love to help people reach their goals and see the transformations that they make. My family and friends are very supportive they may not understand me sometimes but they try, especially with my eating habits. Along the way I have had great inspiration around me, from other trainers and people in the gym that I see every day. Their support is what keeps me going to the gym. My plans for 2012 is to keep training hard ;enter some more contests and help other people achieve their goals. But most of all to stay healthy and happy."

It's Never Too Late
by Christian Duque (Editor's Notes)

I think it's great to see a competitor take the stage at 44, but not merely for the age alone. Anyone could get on stage, but to look like you can WIN, coupled with the age -- that's a major achievement. To be able to compete against people 10yrs your junior -- or even half your age, and to be able to do battle -- that's a milestone. And you KNOW you're doing battle when you take runner-up; you know if you're placing Top 50% -- you're doing battle. If there's a class of thirty women and you take Top 10 -- consider yourself a winner!

Camille brings a great physique, including quality, feminine muscle, nice suits, and a real desire to succeed. I hope she stays in touch with the site, and I'm eager to hear what show(s) she plans on doing in 2012. Best of luck & thank you for taking the time to appear on!!

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