Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Payne Never Looked This Good

Name: Emily Payne
Age: 26
Ht: 5’1
Contest Weight: 108-109
Regular Weight: 112
Hometown: Manheim, PA

"I have been active and athletic my entire life but first started to immerse myself further into training in 2009. I would just do the same old thing during my training sessions until finally I decided to get some help from a more knowledgeable source. I began nutrition with Allison Moyer who is now my amazing trainer in May of 2011. After a big change in my life that same month I went into a funk. I was training but not seeing the results I wanted. I had always wanted to compete in bikini but it never was the right time.

Finally in august of 2011 I contacted Allison after she had started to put the competitive “bug” in my ear and I began contest prep for my first competition the next week. My very first show the 2011 Natural PA Championships was a short 6 weeks later. Walking onto that stage I was incredibly nervous and shaking in my boots but it obviously didn’t affect my appearance because I walked away from my first show with 1st place in class A and Overall in the bikini division. I was also qualified for nationals. Another “bug” was placed in my ear and 5 weeks later I was at the 2011 Nationals in South Beach, Miami with my trainer at the largest show in history. My main reason for going was to gain experience and see what a national show was all about. Needless to say I didn’t place but that wasn’t my intention. I went for the very reason that I was qualified and what did I have to lose!

My thank you’s go out to the amazing support system I have from my wonderful mother and sister as well as my trainer Allison Moyer who has helped change my life in more ways than one! My plans for 2012 are still undecided due to an out of the blue emergency surgery I endured during the month of December for a hole in my stomach. To date I am still on a weight restriction until I meet with my surgeon but this otherwise horrible experience hasn’t dampened my spirit and I’m looking forward to an amazing competitive season!

Editor's Notes

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Emily for keeping her promise to the page and helping make this feature possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, as I'm sure all of you did as well. It's really nice to see that despite real-life hurdles, this great champion was able to perservere and succeed in the sport she loves so much. It's also very refreshing to come across a champion that gives back and is grateful to those that helped along the way. Great work Emily, I know 2012 will be a year that will bring many more accomplishments and good news!

Breaking News!!!

Top level NPC star, Hunnika Rodriguez, just wrapped up a photo shoot with April Greer and has been informed that she will appear in the March edition of Oxygen Magazine - "Future Fitness" section. Make sure to hit the newstands and look for this great champion! Congrats to you! This is how you start the year off!!!

National Teen Champion Miriam Looney will also be featured in the Oxygen Magazine - "Future Fitness" section. I'm currently working on interview questions for the young champion, who I'm sure will do a great deal of damage in 2012!

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