Monday, January 9, 2012

[Ladies] Start Vlogging!

You know me... always naggin the stars to start blogging and vlogging - two easy, free, relatively simple, and highly effective methods to reach your fans - as well as get new ones - and - Market Yourselves!. This short, but entertaining vlog by NPC Teen Star, Miriam Looney, is a great way for you to get started.

Let's break down Miriam's video a bit. For starters, she's dressed in comfy clothes, she has a nice, well-lit background, and she seems genuinely interested in making the video. Remember, the more natural you are -- the better! Let's say you stutter here or there, or let's say you get a word wrong, SO WHAT? The last thing you want when it comes to vlogging, is to sound scripted. The fans see tons of photos, they read your features, they see you in the ads, but the vast majority have never met you - may never meet you. To see the stars in real-time, on video, that opens a whole dimension to the fan experience. When people see you smile, they hear about what you're up to, they'll begin to identify more with you.

Some Vlogging Ideas

*Shoot in the kichten! Perhaps you could make a nice breakfast, protein pancakes, protein shake (how YOU like it)
*A workout video - or - an intro video greeting from the gym.
Driving - just talking while you drive, some reflection(s) on your day.
*Supplement/Suit/Contest Reviews
*Advice and/or tips for ladies wishing to compete

You are all athletes, and many of you have insane physiques that will no doubt make any supplement line's day; however, you also have great personalities, like Miriam, and that you cannot capture in a photo or a magazine ad. I really hope, that only a few days into January, we'll see more of you blogging and vlogging.

Speaking of blogging, maks sure to check out Ashley Lemmon's brand new article "CURE THAT “HOLIDAY HANGOVER”

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