Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness - "A Classy Act"

I received this lovely letter from Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness on Wednesday, and I've obtained permission to publish it on Please have a look at it and then scroll down for my comments.

"Hi Christian:

We appreciate what you do for the sport of woman's bodybuilding, physique, figure, fitness, and bikini. Thank you for taking the time to feature the amazing athletes of Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness team in your FigureBikini blog. Your positive editor notes about our team and and our region are very encouraging. We look forward to increasing our team's presence in the sport, and your support is very much appreciated.

Keep on the lookout for some more amazing athletes during the spring 2012 season. With huge local shows in Washington state such as the Vancouver Natural and Emerald Cup, we will be showcasing many more of our finest teammates this season. Amanda Wheeler is a rising star in fitness and figure, and we couldn't be more proud of our newest IFBB Fitness Pro Sheri Vucick.

As the athlete manager and veteran team member of Save Fitness, please let me know if there is any way I can assist you in your quest for promoting this sport.

Thank you again,
Julie Rossman, Save Fitness Athlete's Representative
Tanji Johnson, Founder

Editor's Notes

What a classy company. I truly, truly mean that. When I got this letter I was kind of surprised, because I've covered a many women from bikini to bodybuilding, that have worked with several companies (from local workout groups to national talent agencies) and never have I received such a positive, heart-warming, and sincerely written letter as this.

Any ladies reading this now, go an check out TJSF official like page. I went there a couple times and I was really impressed by the fact that competitors are actively giving props to one another and publicly congratulating themselves there. These are folks that are often vying for the same title, that are doing major battle on stage. It was really uplifting to see a strong sense of family - a bond that transcends the stage and whose warmth can be felt from words gleaned from a computer screen. And even when they say thank you, they don't waste the chance to promote an up and coming champion - Amands Wheeler - who i will MOST CERTAINLY keep an eye out for.

in closing, I'd like to thank Julie Rossman for her wonderful letter, and I'd like to highly encourage everyone reading this post, to check out Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness. Here is a link to their Official Facebook page.

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  1. Save Fitness is an amazing group of ladies! Thank you so much for your support of our team!!!:)