Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping Commitments

I think a big part of being a successful part of the fitness industry, is keeping up with your commitments - whether it's paid work or something you've given your word to do (e.g. for the fans). This page, and pages like it, is by & for the fans, it's not a business. I take my all of my pages very seriously, I spend countless hours trying to make them better, I put the money, and I try to keep in touch with companies, which in case you haven't heard -- sign competitors to contracts.

If I had my druthers, I'd update this page daily, but I don't want to just talk and talk, so I seek out competitors that I feel have that certain look, that championship look. Whether they've won they won overall, had a class win, or whether they came at the back of their class or didn't place, none of that matters to me. If I have access to the photos (great job!) and the physique is there, I'm a fan.

I have been very blessed by true professionals like Ashley Lemmons, Nicole Gray, and Marilena EchoHawk - amongst others, but I have also been coming across more women that will make a commitment, reiterate that commitment, and then nothing, nada, zilch! I'll be told to wait a day, then two, and by day three I have nothing. The longer I wait, the older the title entry on gets, and with that... the more neglected my dearly beloved page appears. People don't routinely visit neglected, left-for-dead sites, would you?

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