Monday, December 19, 2011

Bonnie Meneese - Ms. Muscles!

Name: Bonnie Meneese
Age: 42 years old
Height: 5'2
Contest Weight: 116lbs
Reg. Weight: 130-135lbs
Hometown: Seatle, Washington.

I started training in 2005 with some girlfriends of mine that I met in the gym. They asked me if I wanted to do a show and I said ok. I liked it a lot, untill they said I couldn't eat my favorite foods and cookies anymore!

My first show was 2006 where I took 5th place in figure. I was excited and hooked that night. I placed between 2nd and 3rds for a while. Then I decided to try bodybuilding. In 2011 I took 1st in Novice and 1st in the Northwest Championships, as well as the Overall!

My diet is kinda boring:: 1/3 cup oatmeal and 6 egg whites, followed by 4 meals of 3oz of chicken or fish, 1cup dark green veggies. I have two starches in the first two meals. At night I eat 6 more egg whites.

I really want to thank my husband Jerry who has always supported me all these years. I also want to thank my kids, who always tell me I can do it. My whole family supports me and I am lucky to have that. I'm also very grateful to Christine Skelton, out of Kirkland, who did my suits.

I had 3 great trainers who helped me along the way. Terrance Allen was the first one to introduce me to figure, Ray Hecita out of lynnwood, and Justin Lancaster out of Federal Way. Every one of them shared different training approaches with me and shared great advice.

Editor's Note

I'm very proud to feature our third champion athlete from the 2011 NPC NorthWestern Championships, Bonnie Meneese. It seems Washington is home to some very hardworking men and women that give their all to their training, nutrition, and presentation.

Don't let the name of the page fool ya! As I've often stated, this site is about all five Women's Divisions; however, I went with the two most popular ones for the url. I am a huge fan of Women's Bodybuilding, and I was very excited to hear back from Bonnie, who I predict will use this recent win as ammo for national shows. She has great arms, an impressive back, and nice balance. I'd love to see some contest video, to see what her stage presence is like. Again, major thanks to for their top notch contest coverage!

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