Monday, June 3, 2013

3rd Fitness Seminar

This event was a huge success for StrengthAddicts/FigureBikini, as well as our co-presenter Blind Squirrel Photography. For the third time, our venue was Infinity Fitness - Lansing and this time we were sponsored by a Michigan company that's shown a great deal of support for the Fitness industry!! As I've said from Day 1, exposure is key to all your goals in the Fitness Industry - whether you just want to place better, get signed, or transition into modeling and/or acting. If people don't know your name - you could have the best physique on stage - and the best you'll get for all that hard work is a plastic trophy to collect dust on your mantle. Some call me a wannabe, but I'm making things happen. Are you? Get out there! Get noticed! I'm not running a team. I don't want your money. Just show me you want the success, and I'll lend you a hand. Nuff said!

Melissa Hughes dominated the Bikini Division at the
2013 NPC Flint Mid Michigan.
At only 20yrs of age, Heather Blystone took Runner-Up
at the 2013 NPC Flint Mid-Michigan. She's also joined Overcome Fitness.

IFPA Natural Pro Bodybuilder Susan Parker alongside
2012 NPC GrandMasters Mr. Lansing John Nolan Sr.

Thanks to Heather & Melissa - the panel rocked! But we also had some great talent in the audience!! In attendance was IFPA Natural Pro Susan Parker! This native of Grand Ledge, MI has an impressive physique, with plenty of muscle and symmetry. We posted interview and training clips available at StrengthAddicts Tv.

Paula Danielle looking to make her mark. Look for future videos!!

Also in attendance was Paula Danielle, who we plan to work with in the future. This beautiful lady is actually one of the strongest girls to ever attend our Fitness Seminars! She's planning on making her mark in the Powerlifting/Strongman community, and we'd love nothing more than to help her make it happen!!

As always - Stay Tuned to for more!!

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