Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Got Stood Up!

Everyone's time is valuable. Think this way, and you'll be a success!
If you're going to get involved with the fitness industry, and you take only one lesson away from this article, let it be this - don't play with others peoples' time. In five years, I can count on one hand the number of times I've been stood up - "2." Does that number surprise you? It shouldn't. People in the fitness industry are usually very considerate when it comes to punctuality, but especially so, when the appointment is for someone trying to help you - For Free!

I'm often asked why do you do what you do for free? I've helped people get signed, I've helped people keep their contract, but I've never asked for a fee, I've never tried to get a freebie (heck, every gym in Lansing I've trained at, I'm known for spoiling my friends with everything from protein to fat burners to ph's). So why do I do it? 

I do it because I'm a fan. I do it because I see potential in people. 

Being stood up is just about the most offensive thing an athlete can do to me, with regards to my pages. and are real pages, with real followings. We have dozens of interviews, features, hundreds of videos, thousands of photos, and millions of views. We're YouTube Partners. What else can be said about these pages.

About a year ago Michelle M. stood us up. We've given her enough press. This week, Catrina Whitman became the second person to do this. Ms. Whitman offered to give me a Cellucor product, as she has some kind of relationship with them, for my trouble. I politely declined. 

I planned a day to shoot. We discussed possible video ideas, location, day & time. The night of - we were on. The morning of - we were on. One minute before the scheduled time, she canceled. After I was noticeably upset and had essentially communicated my displeasure, she then suggested we meet for coffee. Ugh what? Get stood up again? (Lol.) 

Remember ladies - if you're pretty - SO WHAT? Pretty girls and handsome guys are a dime a dozen. You'll have work for five, maybe ten years, then you'll be forgotten. But if you're a professional and you treat everyone with an ounce of respect, you'll have a great career.

I know some people think I'm a loser and this website's a joke, but I wrote this and you're reading it - and we count for something. I don't think we're losers. I think we're pretty cool people. 

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