Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flint Mid Michigan Bikini Battle - 1 Point Difference

The 2013 NPC Flint Mid Michigan, held yesterday at the Flushing High School Auditorium, was a huge success! The competitors loved the production, the fans were extremely pleased, and everything went off without a hitch. The contest was on perfect schedule and the venue couldn't have been more comfortable - there wasn't a single bad seat in the house.

I had a great time, interviewing many talented athletes (which I'll showcase here in the coming days) like Heather Blystone, Christina Bellinger, and Victoria Bial. However, the battle of the day was in the Bikini Open/Short, where Holt, MI's Jamie Lenon battled it out with Melissa H.

I had Melissa for the win. When she won the Masters, I didn't see anyone that could stop her; however, in the Open/Short, my eyes almost immediately darted at Jamie Lenon.

When I taped the Division Overall, my camera was alread moving towards Melissa, even before they announced the winner. I want to stress that the Tall/Overall Winner looked absolutely amazing; however, both Melissa or Jamie would have defeated her in my book. These two were quite simply the best. And the judges knew it too.

On a sidenote, I'd hope the Judges wouldn't suggest a competitor this near perfection to drop size or gain size, that's really a body transforming tip - you don't say that to someone that's 1 point away from winning a contest - if she was even behind to begin with.

In fact, to many insiders a "1 point" difference is basically a nice way of breaking a very real tie. Much love to the judges, but if you're 1 point away from victory, there's really nothing the athlete can do from a training, posing, or nutrition standpoint. And it's pretty messed up to suggest otherwise. If you disagree, tell me this, "how does one improve their physique by 1pt?" If she's gets too big you say she's Figure; if she gets too small, you say she's too soft. You can't improve a physique by 1 point, or even 1%.

I'm just going to bite my tongue. I'm biting it right now. I will stop typing. Great job ladies!!

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