Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jeannine Pond - NPC Figure Star

Last weekend I had the pleasure of traveling out to Grand Rapids to interview NPC Star Jeannine Pond; we were able to get a dozen videos (all up on our youtube channel), as well as dozens of high quality photos. But the best part of all came at the end of a 3.5hr day of filming, when we just talked. "J-Pond's" interview was candid and legit - the best kind!

J-Pond has competed in a couple really cool shows, the NPC Grand Rapids and the NPC Western Michigan, but as is often said on this very page, 'placings must be taken with a grain of salt.' This isn't a knock on the NPC, it's a reality in Physique-based sports. Sometime the judges don't see what we see and/or they may not agree with us, but one thing's for sure - J-Pond has a great little body - nice little butt, awesome shoulders, nice arms (she receives compliments left & right, but best of all - she's ready to work!). This industry has many great bodies (some the product of genetics and others of sound training), but many of the champions are pretty lazy when it comes to marekting themselves.

Make sure to join J-Pond's Page. Thanks!!

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