Monday, July 30, 2012

Zlata - FigureBikni, August Cover

First and foremost, a big congrats to all the ladies that competed in the 2012 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas, NV. Alectra Kelley (July Cover) placed Top 5 in her class, further making the point that she will go pro in the very near future. Other notables included Alma Villanueva, Vegas native Carolina Granados, Christina Profancik, Candice Perfect - who we know has made the big time b/c she's taken to ignoring our little blog. And of course... this month's cover ZLATA SUSHCHIK - who looked amazing!

The Women, just like The Men, need to understand that the Judges are only human. If they were computers, then they'd always reward aethetics, balance, symmetry - all the things they're supposed to; however, they're only human. Sometimes, in distant part of the world ... politics come into play - it's not only undeniable, it's unmanageable. The national stage is a real war zone - there's Teams, there's sponsors (the real major to the real minor), there's big name coaches and gurus, there's local favorites and outsider-unknowns; there are so many variables at play, that a less than stellar placing shouldn't mean much. A great placing, however, should mean something (especially to the ladies with only their physique to do the talking). Congrats Alectra! :)

As far as the upcoming month, I plan on working on pages for Alectra, Zlata, and Holland Canter. I'm eager to get these pages packed full of people, because these ladies deserve to be promoted. I'd also like to plug my two columns, Becca's Johnson's Becca's Corner and John Nolan Sr.'s Nolan Knows Best.

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