Saturday, July 14, 2012

Robin Harris - On Her Way!

Name: Robin Fountain Harris
Age: 33
Ht: 5'5.5"
Wt (contest/regular) contest:133/regular: 138-140
Hometown: Birmingham Alabama

Christian Duque: When and why did you first start weight-training? Also what are your favorite and least favorite bodyparts to train?

Robin Harris I began training with weights as a sophomore in high school. I was a track star and loved working out! I didnt start competing until 2009, after giving birth to my second child. I've always loved training legs but have had to back off because they tend to overpower my upper body. I also love training my back and shoulders!!! There are so many small muscles in the back that pop out with proper and wholistic training!! I don't really have a least favorite body part....chest maybe!?! I'm always confused about how to train chest appropriately as a woman. ironically, weight training actually makes me feel more feminine. I believe that strength is beautiful!!

Christian Duque: Talk about what made you decide to compete, notable shows, and, of course, your recent win. How does it feel to make it to the top? how do you stay hungry?

Robin Harris: As a child, I would watch the fitness america shows on television. it was at that time, I decided I want to be a fitness icon! It wasn't until I was 30 years old, a former d1 college hurdler, mom and wife (at that time) with a masters degree that god placed the opportunity in my path to compete! It's been a whirlwind from that point forward!!

I've won my class in several shows but when I placed fourth at Europa Orlando in 2011, I knew I could fare well on the national level! I competed at the Wings of Strength, Tim Gardner Extravaganza last weekend and won Overall and Masters Figure!! This wet my appetite and fueled my desire to prep even harder for USA's and north americans to pursue a pro card.

Christian Duque: How does it feel to be on top? "on top" is a relative term!!

Robin Harris: I'm extremely humbled and grateful to receive so much attention and to do well on stage and in modeling. however, I strive for excellence in all areas. as I climb to excellence, I become more and more thankful for my countless blessings. I do recognize, however, that there's always someone out there who is just as good and/or better than me. It is my joy to pay my dues, little by little, as I receive life's lessons...even the hard ones!!

How do I stay hungry??? I think I am the type of athlete who is self motivated. it is my goal to improve each time I compete. Having said that, the hunger comes from within. body building is not necessarily about winning or losing shows. It's about your personal journey and growing with each and every opportunity. complacency will destroy the will of man.

Christian Duque: Please take this opportunity to give kudos to those that have helped you along the way, and thank you for appearing on

Robin Harris: My mom is my number one fan. She has always believed in me!! My stepdad has been my truth! He has taught me that if I work hard and passionately, it always pays... and that we are to pay it forward! My two children are my angel wings and the reason I am who I am today! My best friend and constant support, Brock Murphy...the welcome committee, the cheerleader from afar, the prayer warrior, and my sense of reason and sanity! most of all, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior who supplies us with every need and the desires of our hearts!!


  1. Robin Harris is Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work with her and have a secret crush lol

  2. I saw her on Steve Austin's Skull Crusher challenge, and had to look her up. She is amazing looking.