Saturday, March 3, 2012

¡Viva Yaxeni!

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia won the 2005 IFBB Ms. Olympia, defeating Iris Kyle. She's won five Ms. International titles, including a commanding showing at this year's event. Yaxeni was also [widely] believed to have defeated Iris at the 2011 Ms. Olympia, even according to one of the biggest names in bodybuilding - founder, Dave Palumbo!

If you want an example (a role model) of what a true champion looks like - check out Yaxeni. If you want an example (a role model) of what it's like to be a good sport and a consummate professional - look up Yaxeni. She didn't reject her Silve medallion or go pout backstage like 8x Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, upon his loss to Jay Cutler in 2006; she also doesn't spend the rest of the year questioning the judges or taking stabs at the champion. Yaxeni is a Christian woman, that lives her life to the best of her abilities, putting her family (husband and son) at the top of her list.

She is proud of her community - and her community is proud of her. She is Hispanic, born and raised in Venezuela; she's well known in South Beach, FL where she trains many clients and is considered one of the greatest female bodybuilders of all time. She translates for her fellow athletes and though her English improves each year, she continues to speak her native Spanish language whenever possible. This is a woman that's an ambassador to the world - she is one of the women that still have solid contracts in the supplement industry.

You'll never see or hear anything Yaxeni does that goes contrary to her principles. She is a champion for so many reasons - beyond just her flawless physique (which presents stunning muscularity coupled with definition and overall balance). She has been competing at the very top of her sport for nearly twenty years, and we can only hope - that if she returns to Las Vegas with her best look to date in September, that the judges will once again crown her - Ms. Olympia!

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