Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marilena Starts The Year Out Right!

Editor's Note

Ok, so I was supposed to wait until tomorrow and text Marilena in case she forgot to give me a quote, but I just couldn't contain myself. The photos from the 2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic are just jaw-dropping; this physique is going to do serious battle in the shows to come! But aside from her flawless physique, this is a woman that truly loves her fans and gives FANSITES the same level of care and commitment that athletes give to the magazines and supplement companies -- and that says a lot about the caliber of person you're dealing with. Marilena EchoHawk is a champion on and off the stage; she is a true ambassador for Women's Physique, and this placing (I believe) puts her name in the hat for the International and the Olympia.

Expect a full story tomorrow night with The Champ! I'll be publishing our regularly scheduled entry later tonight, but again... I just couldn't pass up the opporutnity to tell everyone how proud I am of Marilena EchoHawk. Her name, again, is Marilena EchoHawk. You'll be hearing a lot about Marilena EchoHawk in 2012! Congrats!!!!

And as usual big thanks to - the #1 Source for Contest Coverage on the Net! Dave Palumbo is one of my all-time heroes, and he's nice enough to let use RxMuscle images on!

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