Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Commitments - Why Make Them, If...

you're not going to keep them? That is the million dollar question folks. I can't tell you how many people have accepted requests - or even offered to appear - on FigureBikini.com. Then I send out the format and the waiting game begins. I'm usually working on different features, articles, and trying to find video, but periodically I like to see if work is progressing.

After working with some of the biggest names in the Women's physique world, I'm proud to say that most of these ladies are a cut above, including great organizations like Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness and Team Bombshell.

But every so often, you get a person that just leaves a really bad taste in your mouth. One lady in particular, Alexis Montgomery, expressed a real desire to appear on FigureBikini.com - way back in mid December. Since then, I have sent short messages, trying to figure out if she was still interested. Ms. Montgomery attends my alma mater, the University of Florida, and she's had a promising career up until now. She's only eighteen years old and it seems the sky's the limit. But, like I said, she committed and then I never heard back from her, that is, until I suggested I would be writing an article about the no-shows. Then, and only then, she replied. What a miracle! (lol)

"I'm very sorry but I have had other things going on like 18 credit hours worth of college classes and family issues going on, plus huge modeling jobs which have caused me to travel often. So,excuse me if i prioritize differenty then you would like. Take it personally I could care less. I was simply just telling you not too because all the other people who have also been waiting have been understanding an apathetic. You won't be hearing from me again. Take care."

Alexis Montgomery

Nope..I'm certaintly not "apathetic" about FigureBikini.com
Does this young woman even know what that word means?..

What's intersting is that all that Ms. Montgomery would have had to have done was simply write me back (anytime during the last 2 months and just say "hey I'm no longer intersted" - or - "hey I'm busy"). But instead she made a commitment and ignored me. That's not cool, especially if we're dealing with a professional who's doing major modeling shoots.

But hey dude...she's only 18 - surely we should excuse this kind of behavior right? Nope! Miriam Looney knows what commitments are all about, and she's been at this game since 17 (prolly even before that).

Age is a non-factor. And what about all the ladies that juggle full-time work, have kids, and still get to prep, do shoots, and compete? They don't pull this crap.

I think every woman on here is BUSY, but if they make the commitment, they live up to it. It's a disservice to the ladies that do appear here, as well as to the readers, to deal with a person like this.

I understand she's only 18, but if you ask me, this young woman has all the makings of an obnoxious snob, and why anyone would work with her is beyond me. And it's funny how the 18 credits and the family problems only affect the non-paid work, lol.

If you make a commitment, whether it's for Flex Magazine or a simple fan-based blog, don't treat Flex with respect, meanwhile treat the fans like dirt.

I'm an equal opportunity fan - if you treat my sites like crap (whether you're Male or Female), my readers are going to hear about it!

Thank you.

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